Monday, 23 July 2012

Just saying .... LOL

It's raining in the Blue Mountains where I am at the moment. Freezing and Misty. I am sitting in front of the television with my youngest grandson watching a children's program (thank you TV programmers). Not something we normally do as we both love to go outside in the fresh air - cool or not. Isn't that what our coats and hats are for? Keeping us warm and comfy. This does come at a small cost though. I am simply unable to get my sewing out as those 20 month old fingers try to help at every turn. :) Not that I mind. I gave him some fabric and a chopstick so he could mimic me. It was successful for a short time, but the lure of what Nan hand in her hands was so tempting, so I gave it up. Sorry to my teacher - I may not have my homework done for Sunday's class. It's been an interesting week and a bit. I have not child proofed my house, choosing to just use the logic of a simple two letter word - NO :)) LOL Another fave is my amazing ability to count - 1 - 2 - 3 !! Usually I get a reaction before three so all it's very good in this household. My grandchildren know that Nan and Pa love them heaps and smile so sweetly at us - like who us??? when they do something they know they maybe should not do.


I thought you might like to know how your brain is made up, so have added the following diagram so you can make sense of what happens with the hallowed walls of our heads :)))  I wanted to share this &  thought you could do it in a lovely patchwork cushion for your workspace and take note of it from time to time.. It's great therapy and gives you a good laugh :)))

Aren''t these cute. Just about to make some for pressies :)) Xmas is but months away

This is how I feel about my friends and patchwork buddies. Great Saying :)) It would make a great addition as a label or even within the quilt top itself.,

Enjoy your day, Love your Hubby or Partner & Family, Share with Friends and Just Be !

Quilty Hugs Dee


  1. Hi Dee Did Your parcel arrive yet? xx

  2. Hi Dee! Greetings from Finland! I found your blog because I am also along in Friends Swap. You have so nice and beautifuk projects here. I like to ask can I put your Quilters Brain picture in my blog, it's So Funny. Of course I tell the source there. The idea to make a cushion, it really gave me a good laugh :D

  3. Hi Everyone
    I just got a new computer recently and can now 'blog on '
    Haven't worked our how to write using my phone and have had such a hectic year - wont bore you with that though
    Am getting 'it on' tomorrow and will share some of the crafty things I've been making, piecing, and drooling over
    Quiltingly yours Dee ( my new word for dictionary - lol )