Sunday, 29 September 2013

Friendship Swap 2013 - Cheryll & Dee

Friendship - A way of showing someone how you feel
Communal Friendship - such as ours - Friendship in which friends 'gather' often to provide encouragement and emotional support between two or more people. That's us :)
World Happiness Experts say that people with friends are happier than most.
Empathy, sympathy, compassion and understanding form the basis of all friendships, Here we show the ability  to be ourselves and to select the gifts we think that another would like. Re-read the basics, colour choices, hobbies, likes and dislikes certainly form the ideas we have in our heads. Our common interests can form bonding friendships.

"R" - Rest your Teapot on this (came with 4 serviettes too!)

"I" for Ironing Cord Holder in my favourite colour - PURPLES - yey

"E" Enjoy this Owl pattern (You bet I will ) and Enjoy some Chocky & Tea (Nom Nom Yum)


"D" - Dry your hands on these - there was a little OWL button on one - HOOT HOOT!!

 " S "

"S" Store your bags in this


Random  - For Cheryll
I chose this pic as a random thing for Cheryll to show how much I appreciate her swap ideas.

The Parcels :)

I'm still OOOOing and AHHHHHing
The Items are truly GORGEOUS

"F" - FIND your Needles and Pins

"N" - Notebooks
"N" - Note Paper and Sticky Notes with OWLS :)
Sorry the pictures went on all over the place - having problems with the internet connection this time. So you'll have to go back and forwards to have a look - it's worth it :))
THANK YOU Cheryll for sending me this wonderous parcel Khris for organising the FRIENDSSHIP SWAP again this year. It's certainly a wonderful way of expressing friendship.