Thursday, 5 July 2012

Watch This Space - More Quilts to Make

How lucky am I? I have two beautiful grandsons and a third is on his way. No secrets here - my family (brothers included) are destined to be male dominated. My eldest brother and his wife have one son - probably thought that was enough and stopped. My own family consists of two boys and then lucky me, I had me a girl. My youngest brother has six - yes that's right - 6 boys!!! And now my own children look destined to follow suite. My father was one of three boys and Mum one of two girls, so you would think there would be some fairness and sharing of sexes. That is, at least some girls would come about - alas - like myself, there is one female per generation. My youngest son has two boys - both pictured, and suprise, suprise, there is another little boy is about to be born. He is coming to us next month!

Jordan's Donkey :))
This is JB - my eldest grandchild, who at 6 - almost 7 (not till December 10th) Nanna. He loves everything his Daddy likes. That is cars and motorbikes. He also loves hats - again like his Dad, and has amassed an amazing collection of them and little cars. The picture below shows him in his bedroom at Dad's. I started him off with some pirate things, and he seems to have got carried away with those too....or more probably his Dad. LOL.  He loves coming to see his Daddy and I think his favourite food is Mcdonalds, though he does adore chocolate milk and icecream. Have all the bits and pieces to do a Donkey quilt designed by Hot Possum for him in his favourite colours. Even though he is a big boy now, he still loves colour and animals !

This cheeky little chap is MJ, who will be two on November 1st. His smile lights up any room, and his enormous blue eyes which are exactly like Mummies, are gorgeous. Not sure why the car is in his mouth, probably cause his Mum calls him motormouth :)) Always welcomes his Nan and Pa will a cuddle and kiss. Runs to the door and swoops on us - just lovely !! The photo above shows him in his element, he also loves cars and is always mucking around with Daddy while he paints and fixes up mini-trucks. Dad is like his own father - they both love motorcycles - seems to be a thing with all the makes in my family! Think little MJ may talk his Dad into getting him a motorbike, quicker rather than later. This little man loves his food - anything at all - and everything is his favourite. The kind of kid everyone loves to have around too. If they can make more like him, I'll take six - LOL. MJ's new quilt is half way finished and features stars and stripes in the brightest of greens, blues and a bit of red thrown in for impact.

This is the latest little man on the right in his latest scan. Due in August and we can't wait to meet him! We may not be able to wait, but mother nature says we have to, so we will wait till Mummy obliges. In this image he is waving to his Daddy LOL. Now I will have to get busy and design another quilt for this little fellow. Have pretty well decided on wild animals. Have a great quilt to complete and a Giraffe Sketch to embroider on another blanket. Any ideas on some simply made toys would be appreciated as I know little presies from the baby to the big boys will make having a new member of the family more welcome by them. Have thought of toy bags, but maybe someone has some other great ideas they want to share with me.

Chat again soon - Quilty Hugs - Dee :))

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