Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day Three - The Bucket List continues ......

Well would you believe I had written half of my blog when I wanted to add a photo for you to drool on while I write more, and bang its gone. So to start again ........

Our comfy bed at The Grand Pacific

We woke this morning to another happy rainy day :)) LOL I took a few pics whilst the wind blustered around the pier and looked westward toward the ocean to see black forboding clouds. More rain and high winds forecast for the day. Just as well our travel is in a vehicle which has a roof - abliet a sun roof to peek out - and windows that close - lucky us. Lets continue on with this, our GOR trip - its on our bucket list.

Sunrise, the pier and pines at Lorne.

We headed into town to look for some brekky as our hotel didn't serve such through weekdays. Though they do supply a kettle, tea etc so you can have a much needed caffiene start to the days travels. Thanks for that. The town of Lorne dosen't wake up much before 9am though there are some great shops to window shop in. We happened upon a bakery whose window announced that they had the Apprentice Baker of the Year ensconded within. I think I met him as he ladened the shelves with chocolate filled pastries. I ordered two coffees - which were the best we have had for some time and an Apricot Danish for moi. ... yummo.

We headed back from whence we came as we wanted to take a pic of the entry point to The Great Ocean Road - now throughout our holiday to be known as GOR. We turned into the layby and was met not with just the sign across the road, but written and shown in a statue the whole reason the GOR was there in the first place.

From 1918 when our returned servicemen came back from World War 1, two gangs at a time, built the GOR. They worked tirelessly hewing and digging the road to make the road us Australians take for granted. I did not know till this point that the reason that the GOR was built was to re-assimilate these ex-servicemen back into society.  His Lordship and I said the same thing at the same time and that was , this is how they rewarded these men? By re-assimilating them this way? Hand picking and digging, slogging away - not many young men would do this now - as money came in to build.

A truly lovely tribute

There at the beginning of the road is a monument to these men and their tireless work. So our thoughts were very much with these men as we traversed this difficult start to the GOR. We stopped at the plaques dedicated to their work and read them with gusto.  Even though the sky was black in parts and the rain splattering against our window, we kept thinking about these WW1 men and what they had achieved so that we may enjoy the fruits of their labour. To them we say a heartfelt THANK YOU !!!
We will remember you every time we see our photos.

Along the GOR there are many plaques for the traveller to read. If you are visiting - please stop to read, you will be amazed at the information there.

Great Ocean Road in inclement weather

The rain had caused some land slips along the way and there were verious groups of workmen cleaning up, and it looked as they had been there for some time previous. We reached the township of Apollo Bay and stopped to take a peek at the Tourist Information Centre. Helpful staff there gave us maps and brochures of things to see and do for the coming days.  Lunch was freshly cooked fish and chips (the fish rolled in rice flour for everyone and much appreciated by me since being diagnosed as a Coeliac) - Butterfish :)) Yummo.  After sitting at the beach which had been beaten by furious Mother Nature in the days preceding, we ate lunch and then we headed off to our accomodation for the next few days - Beacon Point Ocean View Villas. And they did not disappoint - Have a look below at the view from our deck. We can see the same from the bed in the main bedroom and the lounge dining area. Gorgeous!!

We were given breakfast supplies for the time we are at this accomodation, as well as a welcoming bottle of wine from a local winery. Thank you again. We shall enjoy that one evening. The villa is well appointed with everything you need - comfy bed, premade for the tired traveller. This was not expected as we thought we had to bring our own linen, so bonus :)) Coffee grains for perculating sat in the fridge - will go nicely with brekky. There is even a dishwasher, washing machine and BBQ. As the weather was turning cold and starting to rain again, his lordship loaded up the fire, after fixing the fire door handle (theres more) - funny work always seems to comes with us - we sat and gazed into the flames like mesmerised butterflies. I chanced to look out the window towards the deck and a little wren came to say hi.. So close to the window, dashing and darting about, I had to keep up with it to get a photo. Shortly, the wren was joined by two others and I truly enjoyed watching them.

Planning tomorrows journey at the moment while Lord S snoozes. The fire is still glowing and keeping me toasty warm while blogging.  Hoping you are enjoying my travels with me. Till tomorrow ......

Dee :)

(Please excuse the pics cloudiness - I am an amateur photographer - but keen. You can get the idea though of the beautiful scenery)

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