Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturdays Adventures and what amazing ones they were!!!

What to do today? We planned to visit the markets in Apollo Bay and what else, well we hadn't planned though we had an idea but weren't sure if we could do it.

So we drove down to the 'markets' only to see four stalls in the carpark with little to look at. I know it was drizzling and wet the previous days but there were only dark clouds and spittles of rain today. I really thought there would be some great artesians work here to see :( 

Oh well - next plan? We thought hard about a helicopter trip as we had seen a sign at Marengo which is the next suburb along the GOR. SO we drove in and asked the young fellow there - Jay - what was on offer. We saw a small plane and thought aha. Is this what we would be going it. It was confirmed by the pilot. He shows us the map and explained which flights we could do with him, He told us the price which we were happy with and so we then chose the flightpath to The Twelve Apostles and back!

In the single engine Piper plane :) About to go! I was apprehensive, scared, excited and all other sorts of feelings were going through me.

Amazingly beautiful coastline GOR

Our first view of the coast was of the oceans shoreline. Places we would never have seen by car as the GOR doesn't get that close in some parts. The plane was jumping all over the place. The wind and the sea were taunting us. Ooops I hit my head and Lord Steve laughs. Jay our pilot explains the currents in the air, and I still keep my foot braced and my hand on the chair next to me for safety feelings. The adrenilin running through my body must have been at its peak, because I was scared but I was smiling with excitement.  Worked that one out. Just truly amazing and other words I can't even think about . WOW.

And then the Twelve Apostles :))))

We never imagined how beautiful the Twelve Apostles were. Words can not describe the feelings we had. I was now calm, happy, excited and feeling so small and insignificant when viewing the majesty of this coastline.

WOW WOW WOW OMGoodness !!!

Heads in the clouds

I had to take the photo of the clouds. It felt like we were walking among them. Soft, fluffy and very white. If this is what you can see from heaven, everyone will be happy to know.

Caves and sheer cliffs.

OOPs - hit my head on the roof.

Sometimes the gusts made the plane jump, in turn so did we. Laughing when my head hit the roof. Even with the seat belts on! I was safe and Jay checked on us that we were okay.

Approaching the Twelve Apostles.

About to land back at Marengo.

Amazing. Has 45 minutes passed already! We were having so much fun.

Dancing amongst the clouds

The adrenilin running through us has made us calmer than we could have possibly ever known.

Our plane

After the plane ride what more could excitre us?  Koalas!!!! A colony of Koalas were living in the trees above the road to Cape Otway. Eating there way through many many trees. You could see where they had been, A great concern though as the trees that they had eaten the leaves from looked like they all have died,

Koals colony on the road to Cape Otway

Give me that leafNOW!!! 
The walk to Port

The thirty minute walk seemed tro take ages. The trail was sigposted at the Great Ocean Road walk but we couldnt fint he one for Cape
The above pic shows the view to ....

Our journey took us throughOtway National Park to where we saw amazing rock formations on the shoreline. The beach was clean and oure with much seaweed. WQe spoke to a local man who was about to go fishing and he told stories of how he thought he had a great catch pnly to find he had caught a massive piece of kelp!
Blanket Bay Camping area

Rock formations at

The rock formations weree colcanic and sedementary, hard basalt pebbles that had been carried through an ancient river and thn ecame the rock you can see here

Again I say WOW

Lord Steve looks a little worried huh? LOL

Got his Lordship to stand near a great mound of rock, saw some waves coming in and let him know. He said hurry up and take the pic before I get wet and freeze woman!!

Our little dinosaur - Otto

ALong the trip so far, I have see 'Fairy Houses' at Triplet Falls, Hidden Caves near cliff faces of the shoreline and now the remnants of 'Otto" - only kidding. It certainly looked great enough to write about so I hae made him up to be my little dinosaur friend......maybe a friend of the fairies that live in Cpe Otway National Park :))

The adrenilin has abated nbow and this traveller is very weary. So again Goodnight and sweet dream to all



  1. The Great Oceon Road is one of my favourite places to visit

  2. :)) Thanks Illene. We hope to go again when the sun is shining and out of holiday season - so much more to see and do. We certainly didn;t know how much time we needed and would advise anyone else to make a two week tour :))