Thursday, 21 June 2012

Port Campbell to Warrnambool, Ellerslie, and Ballarat

The day starts at Port Campbell after a great snooze and lie in. Again the weather is with us - rain that is.

Doll Heads displayed at the Port Campbell Tourist Information Centre found from ship wrecks.

The view of Port Campbell.

Well, who'd have thought such a little distance could take such a long time to travel.
So much to see:)))))))) Grotto, London Bridge, Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs, Crofts Bay, Boat Bay, Massacre Bay probably more.

London Bridge has fallen down

Kept watching the waves crashing on the coastline.

We had the tourist information staff laughing at Warrnambool when we said we'd had a busy day so far. We had left Port Campbell the largest suburb next door to Warrnambool and travelled 6 hours. The distance travelled way less than 100 kilometres lol. Too busy having fun, stopping every five minutes -  well it seemed like that anyway - to traverse the tops of the GOR coastline, take photos, gaze in absolute
adoration at the sights before us, and wonder at Mother Natures magnificence. So much in fact, anyone who asks, will get a descriptive monologue of everything you can see while driving on The Great Ocean Road.

Stopped in to the supermarket and picked up supplies for a picnic. Then there was the - do we stay here or do we gone on monologue. We decided to go on a bit further. On the top of the mountain range I was perusing the maps when His Lordship mutters - whoa- and slows the car. He thought there was a dog sitting in the middle of the very busy road. In fact, it was a weary looking adult male Koala!! Soft, grey fur fluttering in the breeze. All I could think was, please let the car coming the other way see it - we put our flashers on and pulled to the side of the road so other cars could see why we were stopped as we tried to usher him off the road. The other car coming towards us came to a halt - in the middle of the highway - and opened his car door onto the Koala's back pushing him on. He didn't move, so together with the other driver we scooted him off the road and into the line of gumtrees we could see some 200 metres from the road.  I hurried back and drove the still running car of the other person onto the side of the road as there were some big prime mover trucks coming up. The driver nodded in appreciation and both cars headed their seperate directions. Thats even closer than the last Koala encounter. Lucky for this one - he did not get run over.

At the side of the road at Ellerslie is an old bridge with the cleanest BBQ/Toilet and picnic area we have seen throughout our travels. So we stopped and partook our feast before travelling on to Ballarat.
Got onto a website to help us find accomodation for the night, booked it and stopped. Busy road though - a little noisy, but Lord S did not notice as as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out like a light :) Nite S No cuppa tonight - the proprietor forgot to give us milk.

Nite all :)) Till the moro comes


  1. what beautiful photos of the coast line.
    Lucky Koala that you came along and stopped.

  2. Thanks so much Marina. There was so much mist in the air and I do not profess to be the best photographer but so loved the Great Ocean Road. Was so lucky that the driver coming the other way saw us flashing our lights - I'm sure sure how I would have handled it if he hit the Koala :((

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