Saturday, 7 July 2012

Prayers need for S.I.L.

This blog is a lot different to the norm today. Nothing about sewing, creating or quilting.               Today, I have to share some sad news. My foster sisterinlaw -  Lee's breast cancer has travelled. Though her breasts were removed in March and cancer found in five of the seven lymph nodes taken out, she was feeling positive that it was all found and was looking forward to a pain free period. Her doctors were positive that this cancer had been taken care of. We did know that there was cancer in her breastbone but were told radiation would help. Chemotherapy took its toll with the loss of her glorious auburn hair - which the darker hair bow coming through dyed blonde - cause she could :)) 

Her left arm blew up and the doctors thought it may be lymphoma though she thought it was because they stuck a port in her chest to allow chemotherapy but just hadn't taken it out. She has been having a lot of back pain and over the past few weeks shoulder pain, so she went to the doc's last week and then sent to see her cancer clinic. The nurse there took a look at her and sent her to hospital - where she thought she would be a day or so. She spent many hours sitting around waiting for a bed and within another 24 hours they had one upstairs in the hospital. After having her port checked and flushed yesterday, the doctors decided to do an MRI on her skull and found cancer in her neck :((( And next week more MRI;s for the neck and shoulders themselves. She is feeling weak today after having two rounds of radiation the last to days as well.

She is concerned for her four daughters ranging from 14 to just 2 1./2 :(( I have had them all sent Breast Care awareness packs kindly sent by Purple Boots - a Breast Cancer group, to each of them. The eldest understands very well, the two middle girls have auspergers and kinda understand and the youngest, too little to know much at all - other than Mummy losing her hair.

Am making her a pillow for her back at the moment. I am thinking of a quilt for Lee at the moment and as she isn't the feminine type of person - her words, ( she has been a tom boy the whole 36 1./2 years I have known her) was wondering what fabrics to use. I know she loves purples and lilacs just like me, so may go that way.

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Any prayers, chants through faith and thoughts for Lee and her girls would be much appreciated by me and I am sure by Lee and her girls as well.

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Keep well my friends and readers - Dee


  1. My heart goes out to your SIL and her young family. Stay positive and strong...even though it must be hard at times...never give up....big hugs

  2. When my darling daughter was suffering from breast cancer My grandson then aged 11 wrote this poem
    Cancer is Evil
    Auntie fighting for her life
    Feelings crushed as hair falls out
    Two months off to live her life

    I feel for you all xx

  3. Thanks Khris and Illene. Its hard at times for us all. When I visit we joke and laugh but talk serious stuff too. Glad to tell you my motherinlaw has been to see Lee today. I don't feel she understands though how difficult it is for Lee as she said that she can get all the help for pain - but as L says - its not all about the pain its all the other stuff going through her head. I just listen as I believe sometimes giving advice isn't what is being asked for - its just empathy and being there for her :))

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