Friday, 15 June 2012

Day Four - Into the Hinterlands

Its still dark! So we snuggle back under the covers and wait till the light comes through the curtains. What's that you say? The curtains at my window seclude one inside and unless you open them, you don't know that its 5am or 7am. Woke up to birdsong amid the howling westerly winds. So, I opened the curtains and was happy that it definitely was a gale and not rain :))  Trips planned today was from Skenes Creek to Colac and back via Triplet Falls and Apollo Bay. There was a bit of rain along the way, but the day grew dryer as it went on. A little warmer in Colac than we thought it would be too.

At the top of Skenes Creek is Cape Otway National Park

Stephenson Falls were closed  :(  Flooding had almost ruined the camping area and is closed off till November 2012. Repair work is being completed for the Christmas rush I suppose. Well there was another we went to see as well, but the weather had beaten us. This caused Sabine Falls walk to be extremely wet and dangerous and was too difficult to traverse for me and another sign said a three hour return trip. So we headed to Colac Information Centre where the staff advised me which other falls were still open. Thanks to you both :)

At this juncture, we travelled towards Colac to see what it had to offer the traveller. Not quite what we expected - a big town but a quiet town - though we don't know what that was exactly. His Lordship went off to look at some things that he has a hobby with while I went looking for Patchwork or Craft outlets. Only found one in town - McMahons. You walk through the door to be greeted by window dressings, a little further in is the store and toward the back or is that side, I found what I was looking for.  Two more bits of fabric for my Victorian GOR Hexagonal Quilt and a pack pf lovely Moda Antiuque Rose coloured fabrics for similar...... not sure what to do with them at mo - just divine fabric for the stash :)) I also found a lovely pattern too!! The lady who served me said it was the last one and she was a little disappointed that I wished to buy it. Should have put that one away methinx.

McMahons Colac - Patchwork

After a bite tp eat we headed off back towards Binn Road to the GOR. So Triplet Falls was the destination and the advised time to complete the track to see them was a  2 hour trip! .  The sound of the water cascading downwards was amazing. To walk or not to walk? My head said maybe but the body said you have to be joking.!  So we set off, amazed by the scenery, and the coldness of the dampened forest. Guess what ? We finished it in two hours 15 minutes. Not bad with dicky tickers, and back and knee surgery go wrongs. I am very proud of myself that I did it and so is Lord Steve. Even he with his current medical woes was happy to see these beautiful falls. Mother Nature in her fury gave us such a show to behold. Well worth the trek. Can't believe how well this photo came out as I was a little tired with the ups and downs of the track. Invigorating really. Triplet Falls in all their glory though today there was actually Five seperate falls.

I found a very large tree and just had to give it a hug. Reciprocal really. It was begging to be hugged and I just had to oblige. The aroma of the eucalypt was truly uplifting. Around this area a gent called Mr Knott was the owner of a mill which he and his employees fell an amount of huge eucalypts for building.

You just had to be there and look up towards the sky. These trees are wonderful.

Heading back' to our accomodation we stopped to take in the vista of Apollo Bay - from the western side this time. The sun was abating though it gleamed upon the sea as I took this photo. Lovely huh?

Markets to come this weekend -  hope I can see and purchase some lovely local crafts and foodstuffs tomorrow. Then heading off to see some more of GOR coastline and probably the lighthouse at Cape Otway. We also have plans for seeing the remnants of the Twelve Apostles, a cheese factory and a chocolate factory. Will tell you more tomorrow.

Nite from the weary bodies - Dee

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