Monday, 11 June 2012

Swaps - For Friendship and Kinship Patchwork

I have always wanted to be involved in a swap with someone else. Maybe even become great penpals or rather emailbesties :)
One I have been reading quite a lot about is Sew Phrim Khris.
Khristina - Khris has been doing this for some time coming up with words which initials are used as things to swap.

For example :-
C - Chocolate - this can be chocolate coloured fabric, chocolates themselves,  always appreciated by patchworkers/quilters alike, chicken - a pattern perhaps
B - bag pattern, blue fabric, bugs

You must be vigilant though - because YOU chose to join a group means YOU must follow through. Swap packages must be sent by the dates given, Packages themselves to include useful and thoughtful things that YOU yourself may like to receive from someone.

I can't wait to 'meet' my swap partner and have already got great ideas for this years SWAP :)) So excited

You can follow Khris's great blog for yourself even if you don't wish to join a Swap Group - you might like to purchase one of her patterns, read her blogs or just write a note and say Hi!


I am off to Victoria's Great Ocean Road tomorrow - we have waited so long to visit. After cancelling a time or two, we get to actually travel together. So close before yet so far .... could have travelled by myself but what fun would that be when two people have been waiting to do this trip for quite some time to do this together. Would be a little cruel to blab about the great time one's had - would it not?

Great Ocean Road - towards Lorne

Aerial View - Great Ocean Road

Hope I can get some great photos like the above ones from Victoria Tourism :))) Looking forward to seeing whats left of the Twelve Apostles before there isn;t any left to see.

And whilst travelling, t'would be a true shame not to stop and peruse some Patchwork shops - now wouldn't it? LOL. I beleive there is 180 shops throughout Victoria.  Threadneedle Craft at Daylesford,  The Patchwork TeaHouse at Warburton,  South Fabrics at Euchua, Riviera Patchwork at Bairnsdale, and any others I am almost driving past - watch out - I'll be visiting :)))))

Till I'm back to you - Cheers Dee


  1. Hi Dee.. just doing a bit of blog surfing and found yours when I signed up for Khris' FRIENDS swap. Have a wonderful trip. De

  2. Hi De
    Thanx. So far so good. Sunny weather. Can hear the ocean below this very old accomodation and its lovely :))