Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A New Beginning

The very first blog for Quilt n Craft Diva starts today - a glorious Spring day in the mountains of NSW. Hello and welcome. My name is Dee (Diane) and I love crafts of many kinds. I have so enjoyed reading some wonderful Blogs by amazing Craftswomen on the internet and wanted to be able to share some great links, ideas and craft that I have found by sharing what I have learnt and I am learning all the time! I have wonderful friends who love their crafts and have great creative abilities, and hope they will add their tidbits to this blog as we go along, I love to learn and believe we can all learn more each day. I have resurrected my knitting skills and am currently knitting Boottees and Beanies for our two local hospitals premature 'Premmie Babies' wards. My current patchwork creation is for a 9 month old boy's cot - a quilt and cot liner in stars, stripes and dots in a lime green base. As I go along I will take photos of the fabrics I am using and share the design with you as well. My Bead work is fairly new as I have only used this medium as an add-on my wall hangings so far. I also do stitcheries too and love the idea of a single colour being used as an emphasis. Freebies are another fav and I hope to offer them from time to time.

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