Thursday, 8 September 2011

One Day Dry the Next its a Wet Spring Day

Can you believe it was a sunny two days ago in NSW, and yesterday was overcast. Tonight its wet wet wet and we certainly need it up here in the Blue Mountains. We havent had a decent pour for a while. Unlike our city neighbours we are on tankwater and look forward to the rain. Our tanks were down quite a bit and our neighbours main tank was empty. Thank goodness they have two smaller spare ones. My hubby - Steve - picked up a new pump and installed it last night for them. They were very happy not to have to go without showers for long. He got a couple of our spare water containers and filled them for them as they are elderley and couldnt climb up to the top of the spare to get water out. At the picture left is two of my very nosey chickens - who normally do chicken like things and amaze our visitors when I call them to go into their pen area like I would my dogs. Here, we were taking some pictures of metalwork that my hubby had made for a nursery. We had to hold the items in front of the white board so they would show up in the photos. Then Mrs Nosey and Henny Penny decided they should have their pic taken as well. They really are amazing creatures, even following the horses around to pick through their poop without getting crushed underfoot. I would have thought the horses would be annoyed by they weren't. So you can see no sewing was done today, but I did manage to knit three pair of boottees whilst sitting as a passenger for the delivery. I shall put up some photos of them once I have sewn them up. Hopefully you are enjoying the weather that you need and creating something that gives you pleasure - Hugs Dee

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