Saturday, 28 September 2013

Market Day

Hooley Dooley it was hot yesterday but the weatherman said it would be cooler today. Thanking my lucky stars the weather was going to be kind - I had help to pack up the car to take the bits n bobs Mum and I craft for the market.

Together with my Quilty type things - fabrics, embellishments and patchwork goodies - I hand craft babies to toddlers rompers & hair things. Hair bands, berets, crochet owl hats, dragon beanies for great photography props, knitted bootees, baby blankets, embellished Eco bags, machine and hand embroidered baby bibs, tea towels, hand towels, crochet coat hangers, crochet terry towels and baby pillows. That's just a bit.

My goodness there's more ? :)

At the moment I am typing on my phone and I'll have add photos of the market a bit later - because - I don't seem to be able to download the app required to dhow you them.

Would you believe I had some petty theft today and so did my neighbouring stall holder. They lost a pair of Tibetan pants and at $25 wasn't good for them - I lost 3 hair bands - one if which was taken from the bag - but they left the embellishment !  So I'm down $10.50 with - not nice when you're trying to serve someone to have another pilfer from you.  It's school holiday time here and together with kids wandering the streets having 'nothing to do ' syndrome and the influx of cars and terrorists ooops did I type that - tourists visiting this beautiful area what else is there to do? Hope you sleep well tonight - not!

Yawn :O ..... I probably need a Nanna nap but too tired to get out of chair . Thank goodness there's always help putting up the gazebo( and. Getting out the tables or I wouldn't t be able to help . This stuffs the back up before you know it ,

Back to chat soon :) Dee

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