Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Today I sit here - freezing and sneezing. Yet another cold has taken over my head and chest and the wind is howling outside!!!! BUT the sun is shining so it could be warm somewhere in the garden. So in between availing myself of the tissue box, I can sit here and blog away.

I don't want to 'infect' my sewing so I'll just write about and show off some of the creations I have been making for quite a while - a little later on in the blog.

The Craft depot is so close I am salivating. Going to go get Noreen some more bobbins for her new embroidery sewing machine and see if I can locate some winged needles for Mum and her friend. They can complete their tablecloths then. Amazing you can't find them in Taree.

Alas on my travels up and down the coast I can check a few stores - so annoying to have to stop in at each and every craft and fabric shop - to check on these hard to get necessities!

If my spelling becomes "erratic" its cause my fingers are frozen......brrrr Soz about this :/

I am wondering why my genetic makeup in crafts and art has not followed through to my one and only daughter.   The nearest to craft is the plaiting of the horses manes and tails and painting of their hooves for show :) She's also a mad hand at helping groom dogs too so that in itself is a craft of sorts I suppose.

My eldest son isn't creative either. Ummmmm. Nope can't think of anything here other than rolling up ciggies - doesn't really count though huh? Does playstation count?

Thank goodness in a round-about way, my youngest son - a middle child like moi - paints. Not just drawing etc but on cars. As a spray painter he is very good with colour matching - luckily for him didn't take after Dad & Paternal Grandmother with colour blindness. It's a dream to watch him paint. He glides his hands and arms like a ballerina - no make that a conductor. Tooing and froing left to right. His eldest son looks as though he has that creative link with drawings :)

My Mum - who any think I must take after - sewed my dresses as a child because affording dresses was a little too difficult. That's and knitting were the two crafts Mum kept busy at and  I loved my hand knitted jumpers and cardigans!  I loved the dresses don't get me wrong - but I craved a pair of jeans. I had to borrow a pair off a friend in year 9 for mufti day. She didn't want me coming to school to be made fun of in my quirky hand me downs and other. Oh to be bullied and teased. High school is another subject :(

I attended ceramic classes and made pottery bits and bobs at our Foster Arts and Crafts Centre when it was still located in the Bullring on Forster Main Beach - wow things have changed these days. My daughter was just a dream then.

We did a crochet class with Aggie McClutchey at Taree. She had a shop at Centrepoint Arcade. Always told me I was cacky handed doing the loops and she was amazed they still worked - I still don't understand the complexity of this explanation of my skills. Looks normal to me. I now make flowers without patterns cause I can't remember how to read patterns properly. A few loops here and there and wallah - a flower is created ! I reckon f the end result is what you want - well? Only getting around knitting - my 8ply bootees are quick and cute - at times. No cables for me. I have knitted socks and baby things, toys x heaps but a jumper for my hubby - well he could be in a nursing home by the time I got that completed :/

Then we attended machine patchwork classes in the old Nabiac Hospital now the Community Centre with Jenny from the Post Office. This was after a lady whose name I do remember, but as this is my story ..... told me that using a sewing machine wasn't patchwork and I basically wasn't welcome in their group - snobs !! I can do both now with some aplomb. See kids - there is bullying at all ages. Have a few UFO's but well... we'll keep that a secret...maybe not cause we all must have at least one.

I now handmake and handcraft items. Funnily enough I have only grandsons though most of my creations are for little girls :) Wishful thinking maybe?

My burpers and bibs are popular with their quirky sayings on them. Boottees and blankets are ooed and ahhed about. My dinosaur and owl hats are popular as are the little hairbands I buy to embellish. The little baby rompers I craft, have guipere lace, roses or hearts on them and for little boys I make ties and belts. Singlets are embroidered and I have eco bags and eco nappies. All good.

Loving Mums embroidery sewing machine and have been creating new bibs for her and other things for me - will have to hint in my 'Could be good idea for presies box' for my own. I could do sooo much more.

You do realise at this time I have another hundred years or more of life to complete all these tasks - am sure this is to happen (pffft)

That brings me to my fabric stash. Actually looks more like a shop or as I like to explain it - 'Its my Fabric Library.' I say to my hubby - 'And just how many screws, bolts, nails, tools and toys do you have?'  He is the one when we travel about to offer to have a quick stop at a fabric shop should he see one. He doesn't really complain. gotta luv him :)

Won't write much more here - want you to stay awake so you can go create something exiting - whether it be craft or a meal or even dusting - a job well done makes for a happier person.

Enjoy your day and remember to smile at strangers

Dee :)

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