Friday, 6 September 2013

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Its a brand new day but only just - Its just 12.03am as I start to blog:) Must be getting in early and no I haven't had coffee since this afternoon.

Got that when I was handing out brochures on how to vote - yep again. No more for me now though.  I have voted early because I will be busy on Saturday and there are plenty of other volunteers that are willing and able (though some complaining about doing so, so I  wonder why they volunteered in the first place) to carry on through till Saturday. But that's as much about politics as you'll get from me. I like having friends you see. And of course the old saying runs so true - Politics and Religion ruin friendships.

Now on keeping myself busy ..........

I have made some more stock for my Market Stall. Funnily enough, I have so much more girl baby/toddler things than boys and all I have is grandsons aged 1, almost 3 and 7!!

So there is Eco Nappies and matching hairbands with cute flowers - can use the naps as swimmers as well, cute bunny ear styled hair bands, guipere lace embellished rompers - butterflies and gorgeous lace. Made up some more baby gift baskets and just have to wrap in cellophane to keep them pristine. I will write more on all this when I download my photos to the computer.


My Friendship Swap presies are burning a hole in their box!!! Still can't send/deliver then to my partner till she comes backs from holidays.


This brings me to remember what a holiday is about. It's that time when phones are not supposed to ring  with children on the other end begging you to come home because some type of emergency is happening ( yes this did happen and my kids were all working age!), parents can cope without you visiting, jobs can still run without your input, pets can live without your undivided attention because they can love others who feed them the same diets and treats, markets don't need you every month and my doctor doesn't need her monthly allowance from me.

So to plan a holiday? Once again I can plan though that does not mean it will actually happen.

Ask my friend Jo. We plan, we delay - either way something crops up for me and vice-versa. BUT we do get together and when we do we make the best of the short time. That's the problem when we now live hundreds of miles apart. Hey Jo! Did you know there's a Quilt Market in November in Melbourne?

I joked only yesterday to Jo that I could run away, make sure I had money so no-one could track my whereabouts, leave my mobile phone off  and have a break away from the myriad of going's on at the moment Jo and I agree we could do with a break - big time LOL.

And now ............

This alas my friends is the point I should shut both the computer down and my brain to give it a rest. Heaps to do tomorrow, still have some new signs to write and three bibs to complete, help someone move some stuff before getting back home in time for dinner. Saturday is a catch up day before the Market on Sunday, Newcastle on Monday and heading down to visit my girl then relatives. A very special birthday event for my daughter - her hubby is away till November and he is missing this event for the second year in a row. That's the job he has as one of our defence personnel and something she signed up for - we all know how much he wanted to be with her for this birthday.  Her Dad and I will make sure she has a fantastic 30th :)

Adieu and Good night. Hope you're all sleeping well


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