Thursday, 21 June 2012

Almost at the End of the GOR Travel

Ballarat to Bendigo via Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Found a motel on the net - again through - great place to get great deals at the last minute. Pity there was no milk for a cuppa in the room though. No-one at the desk to ask for some - luckily I spot a petrol station next door - not that I like petrol in my tea - but they sell milk in cartons there - funny that . The visitor next door had his car over our car spot so we had to take up number 30's spot - luckily no one was booked in for the night. The motel looked quite different from the photo - in the morning we could see why - the newer suites were at the back . As it was pouring we reversed in to get our stuff out that we needed but didn't see the huge puddle of water laying in wait to get the unseeing. LOL. Wet slippers. Another cold and wet night. His Lordship was overly tired today. Wonder why with all the stopping, walking and playing tourists.

Found a few Patchwork shop addresses in the phone book and just had to go see a couple - or three planned for tomorrow:))

The first one I came to in Victoria Street was closed till 10am - forgot we were in the country, so we head off to the second one on the list, we can always come back later. This one closer to the centre of town in Mair Street.  Sovereign Needlework - Ballarat's largest supplier of 'Fine Needlework' was just opening and Elaine the owner for the past 12 months was checking that the log fire was going - just to keep the customers warm mind you. I was 'warmly' greeted and welcomed to browse around whilst she continued to open up. Lovely wools, fine fabrics and embroidery cottons of every colour imaginable hung on the walls. Great quilters patterns as well as ones for crochet, knitting and tapestries were strewn around the displays. I just happened to purchase a ball of wool for a scarf and another piece of fabric for my GORVQ (Victoria quilt) too.

His Lordship was busily checking a store two doors us - just something he had to do as it encompassed all the sports he loves.

Next stop was the store that was closed beforehand. We waited a little longer as it was still before opening time. The window display was very ecletic with Melly and Me patterns and all the latest fabrics. Beautifully done quilts, bags, toys etc around for display. The owner was busily tapping away on her computer. I did feel I was interupting her a bit when I asked questions - there was no-one else in the store so I thought it was okay. Purchased a couple of bits and pieces though I can't say I felt welcomed here.

My next stop was opposite an amazing church built from Ironstone where Lord S dutifully took some photos for me - the tourist thing - while I HAD to go into a store professing a SALE!! My goodness!! A sale!!!!   Isn't that just was a patchworker loves?

Eureka Patchwork :)))

Elizabeth cutting my fabrics

'The Selection!!!!'

Eureka Patchwork at the corner of Victoria Street amd King Street was calling me. I walked into the store and said 'Good Morning' to anyone who was listening as I always do. Alison was busily cutting and sorting fabrics behind one counter and welcomed me in. WOW - a glorious range of fabrics in all sorts of tonings, colourways and beautifully displayed fabrics that said 'pick me' 'pick me'! SO I did. I was told all fabrics were $20 a metre but they were having a sale and everything on display was now $15 a metre. Elizabeth the owner came out to greet me. What a wonderful lady. Showed me the latest collection of fabrics from Jenny Beyer, her secret stashes out back - as there wasn't anywhere else out front to put them, some fabrics in between and more. Elizabeth showed me a catalogue of the Stone Collection of fabrics coming in soon - very very noice :))

Elizabeth is trying to amass 2000 bolts of fabric for her store - and by the look of it is succeeding very well. A few dollars later pffffft, I have added to my Fabric Library some gorgeous things. Toy Fabric, some for my GORVQ and a little more LOL. Both some fabric for a gift too - just know the recipient will love the colours.

Thank you so much Elizabeth & Alison for being so genuine, warm and welcoming to this traveller :)) Check their website -  If you are looking for a particular type of fabric Elizabeth probably has it or knows where you can find it :))
Travel on driver !!!!

Drove on to Creswick where I thought I was going to see a craft store - called Lemon Tree Cafe - ok - some painting and produce on the walls but not quite the craft I was looking to see - by the way - wasn't all fabrics - I do love other crafts and already made ones :)) Right next door was Twin Needles - Embroidery & Patchwork Supplies where  the owner Elaine was telling me they produce their own Crewel Wools, Stranded silks and Organdy ribbons under the name Cascade House. Beautiful. I bought a pattern for embroidering a baby blanket with wools to match. I also got some ribbbon and fabric for the GORVQ.Well worth a visit either in person or on the internet.

By the way - I did not get anything for FREE at any of the stores I visited - just in case any of you are wondering why I am 'advertisng' for the stores I visit. I AM NOT - I am just passing on where I went on my travels and a personal view to what I see and hear.

Onwards to Daylesford where I had hoped to indulge in 'the waters' to help my ailing bod. But alas time was going quicker than our eyes and car. I perused some stores in Daylesford and found some lovely presies. The Tourist Information Centre was very helpful with their maps and displays. East to see where one should go and see and stay by looking at them. Very well done.

I found Threadneedle Craft in Vincent Street, Daylesford - the main street - where I was invited to look and ask for help should I need it - this gentleman's family lived in Newscastle and we had a quick chat on that topic as well as the type of fabrics he kept as that is what his local customers were after. Got three pieces of fabric for the GORVQ.

Next we stopped at Hepburn Springs - where I did not partake of the waters nor did I 'see' any springs. Might not have been looking in the right place, so next time :))

Up the hill a bit, the journey was starting to take a dark turn. I was laden with enough pills to keep a race horse from the track , that was doing little help to my pain wracked leg and back. Lord S stopped so I could stretch - it was less than 3/4 hour since the last stop - things were looking uncomfortable for the travel ahead.

Onwards towards Ballarat is the Chocolate Mill.

The Selection

A well built straw bale building greets the visitor with a pleasant entry garden. Within the garden is metalwork animals - Kangaroos, Echidnas and Emus. Inside there is a chocolate lovers haven. All made within the walls - this hallowed chocolate lovers paradise beckons.....take me me now....take me home. Everything chocolate ...... Chilli, Fruit, Nut, Plain, Dark, White, Rum and sooooo many more. His Lordship and I selected a few chocolates and $17.50 later - 10 chocolates. Hot dark chocolate and mudcake we shared then left to venture on.

Looking for a motel room tonight with a bath tub as I really need to soak the bones. First one we found at Kangaroo Flat - his lordship went in to check - nope its already booked even though the computer link says it isn't - so onto look again - yep - found one - lets see. His Lordship comes back with a key - goodness knows what he has found as he isn't the most budget conscious person at times. Driving into a darkened area, reversing up - where the h is he going to I think. Opening the door - I thought - Honeymoon Suite - LOL. Well it is 35 years since we stayed at Bendigo. This time there is a huge king size bed that greets me at the door, with TV and dressing table to the left, a small wood dining table at the back with a kitchenette (no microwave though that's another  $15 for three nights the brochure states lol). I need to refresh myself - and kapow - there is a spa bath - thanks heavens you say - I did ask for a bath if possible -its a DOUBLE spa bath!!!! I hold my stomach and I laugh in hysterics!! Within 15 minutes I had my bag in the room and was sitting in that spa bath with a glass of wine and soft bubbles, blowing my cares away. My body was saying thanks.

Funny 35 years 3 months and 2 weeks ago exactly - our 'Honeymoon' of 3 days - we had $150 left in our bank account after Lord S's truck needed mechanical repairs the week before our wedding, this our livelihood - :( consisted of a caravan somewhere near Sovereign Hill and the cost of 2012's one night accommodation (gonna throttle him) was enough to pay (1977) for the petrol to travel, the caravan park we stayed at and where the heating consisted of a blow heater under the bed and our coats on top of the meagre blanket we were given, the attractions we saw - S.H. and Kryall Castle and the food we ate. But we did enjoy the sights of end of the Begonia Festival, the swans etc and the one small much treasured honeymoon souvenir - a Glass Blown Horse which was done for us whilst we watched and waited the craftsman to do.

Going off to plot the push onwards ....... Dee

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