Sunday, 24 June 2012

Last Sunday of the month - Sunday Night Musings

Sunday is always a great day. People of faith go to church or venues with other like minded souls, those who don't visit friends and family or just enjoy the life they live. Its everyones choice how they live their lives. I have a faith that I don't need to shove down anyone else's throat - that's probably why I have friends from many denominations in life I suppose. Great huh.

As I awoke this morning from my slumber, I thought of my children and family and wonder what they will all be up to today. I know my relos who live close by, will welcome the morning with an early morning walk with the dogs, probably not my FIL who could be found snoozing away - which is deserved after being on this earth 82 years +. My eldest is visiting so he will be up and tickling the engine of a car he is fixing, the youngest son will be playing with his boys then venturing out to work and the youngest bidding farewell to her hubby for a bit as he sails off in his job. My Mum will probably be off to one of her markets unless my Aunty has got a visit out of her :) My brother will wake with the noise of 5 sons  before going through the days goings on with his wife. My hubby and I have jobs to do, like finding firewood for the relos fireplace, while I unpack from our break away, play with my little dogs and sort the wash.

Have sorted through my craft stuff for some new projects for my market stall and others that I am completing as a friend aand I have a quilt to complete each with similar fabrics - be interesting to see how we both see the same pattern come to life. I have another as part of a monthly class I have been doing. Will show more of that when I have some completed bits.

I sell these buttons and more at my market as well as on the net. The floral ones are very popular and the black and white ones are becoming so. Made of wood, they look great on all things crafts.

Found a few new blogs to read, though after I saved them - they haven't shown up. Disappointing that, cause it did say DONE, so I thought it was. Oh well. Will try again soon.

Am interested in making some door stops and pin cushions, so if you have any interesting patterns that you would not mind me using, can you pass them on? Many thanks. I have made mice before and some other ones that are a little common now, so something new would be good.

Have been busily crocheting flowers - from patterns in my head - its a long time since I did that two night class, and I can;t remember how to do some of the designs that I read. LOL. I willupload some pics when I take them. Very different designs methinx :))))

Sleep well friends :))) Dee

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