Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sunday - There's Still Rain. Supposed to be Showers

What a day - yesterday was. Still on a high - pun intended - after flying above our Earth checking out The Great Ocean Road by air. My back pain is exacurbated - but worth it. Meds are used - as you can see by the basket - and the patches changed today - so there should be little residual pain. I am happy that Steve is also having a great time - hopefully not too much walking today as I don't have anything but a walking stick to help me along.. His Lordship says this is the best ever gift bestowed upon him - he says .....

We are off to see from the ground what we saw from the plane. The Twelve Apostles, then as far as time and our persons will take us. I hope to drop into the Cheese Factory and a wonderful Patchwork shop I have seen in magazines. I will take photos for you to see it too if I can. (Unfortunately its closed so I did not get to see inside :( )

Just about time to leave our lovely Beacon Point accommodation. Had the last of the croissants with coffee and juice this morning so that'll keep us going till later on. Had showers and feel refreshed and ready for the coming days activities and adventures. Everything is about to be packed into the car. Ooops neighbours - putting out the rubbish. Just as well we are dressed and ready to go LOLOL

Stopped in to see the Farmers Market at Apollo Bay this morning - MUM your Markets at Forster, NSW are amazing! Enough said ? A very little market with vegies, plants and displays of local cheese and wine.
Continuing our way along the GOR and the coastline to the west we came across so much - I must warn you all that a few days down here is so NOT enough. You need to add a week to see everything - because if you don't you are going to miss out on so many sights. And you have to keep stopping on and off because that coastline beckons you to view it - inclement weather as well. It lures you and pulls you to it.

Stopped to view Castle Cove - amazing - once again I have little descriptive words as you can see for yourself what you get to view....
We came upon another great town called Beauty Spot - must be a cool and wet place as the farmers fence posts are covered thickly in lichen. Stopped to see the ocean at Yuulon. A container Ship was visible in the distance. The locals here have the most amazing sights to behold. I imagine they get little done when working - butmost are grazing cattle.
The sun came out and I said to my hubby the words - sunshine and happiness - and we both started singing at the same time. Made us laugh.
Listen to it on the net - it soo fits where we are at the moment.

10 kilometres tro Princeton now ---- raining - again - but no Apostles here like we thought - its the start of the Twelve Apostles National Park. There is a couple of Cafe/Shops etc for information and coffee and heaps of accommodation. So close to seeing the Twelve Apostles. Am so excited as we have been waiting so long to do so. Four years of planning and four times we have had to cancel due to inclement weather - February and September four years ago, last year we had to take out holiday early and had to cancel due to family ill health and Christmas so thought February - nah that didn't happen - where we ever going to see the Twelve Apotsles and the GOR? Well this time almost got cancelled again as a family member needed help with accommodation. BUT we decided to help first but still go otherwise it wouldn't happen.

Want to live by the GOR and the coastline so close to the Apostles? Well there is 96 acres here for sale. - Southern Ocean Views the advertisement at the front of the block states.

Stopped at the Gibson Steps !!! FREEZING and blowing a right gale. Here we got to see - yes we are there - the First Apostle!!!!! WOW Further along the road is the official spot to stop, park and walk to the Apostles viewing platforms. OMG OMG OMG - you have to be there to appreciate them. Helped overseas visitors take photos of them and the Apostles behind them. So easy to understand the finger points to the button to ouch to take photos. Many thanks in different languages. Lovely to see people just smiling and sharing his magnificient sight, that we Aussies have in our 'backyards'. Spent quite a while gluing our eyes and etching what we see in our minds eye.

Back at the Kiosk many people buy coffee - we are all so cold! Rain on and off but helicopters offering all types of flights from $95 for 10 mins to hundreds of dollars for longer trips. Saw heaps of helicopter flights today. Didn't go on this one though - the weather was atrocious - I would have been a little to full of adenilin.

The sun and rain take turns in showing off what they could do whilst touring the Apostles. Was actually wonderful. Glistening drops of water and darkened rained filled clouds then sparkling sun complete with rainbows showing the various hues of yellows and ochres of the sandstone that makes up the Apostles.

I have no more words that can describe the beauty and magnificence of the Twelve Apostles. Not all can be seen at the same time as some hide behind each other and not all areas for viewing can enable the viewer to see them - unless you're in that helicopter I spoke of.

COFFEE!!!!!! Thanks to his Lordship who walked through the rain with my little purple umbrella to stand in line for coffee and banana bread (made locally at Timboon), though I know he was thinking of his tummy as it was approaching late morning tea time. LOL

Reddened noses from the freezing temperatures and eyes weeping from the cooling winds blowing across our faces - also icing our fingertips.. People from the 'world' gather here to share the beauty of our coast - I find this wonderful as there is no anomosity or dislike here.

Loch Ard and its hidden treasures were our next stop - where we seemed to lose time. Down came the rain again and we stood by some bushes sheltering from the icy side falling rain. Good smooching spot though - gotta warm up somehow. Here we spot more caves and soft sandstone. No wonder there are signs stating stay away from the edge or it could collapse and you will DIE! Yes it states that- so many people do not stay behind fencelines - we even saw a couple on one spot near Shearwater River and the waves crashed so high it almost caught them. Wonder they weren't dragged off by the waves - no-one could have saved them. We were about 500 metres away but there was a gorge & heathland between us.

At Port Campbell, I walked to the top of a rise for a photo op - no fences here - to find the edge - scary that. Took some pics and calm back to the car. Looked around and noted that the road stopped suddenly with poles in the middle of it - did it disappear at some time? Got to find that out tomorrow. Looking for accommodation because our short 100 kilometre trip has taken us 6 1/2 hours!!!! No wonder we feel hungry - what happened to lunchtime?

Stopped at the Port Campbell Tourist Centre - lovely display of ship wreck finds - to talk to a lovely lady about sightseeing and somewhere to stay for the night. If we travelled any further we would miss the Arch - well whats left of it and London Bridge - yep there is one apparently - a sandstone one - watch for that tomorrow, so decided to stop. Found accommodation and the manager  Mark - told us the pub just 500 metres away had great food. (He showed me through and turned on the air conditioner to heat up the room for us.  So we walked there after unloaded our baggage and sat companionably while we waited for the bistro to open.

Having troubles this evening at Port Campbell trying to upload as I can only get two bars on my internet reception - probably because we asre in the ,ain street at a lovely upmarket backpackers - in ?? Street. Nice clean and comfortable motel style accomodation with a comfy bed, small kitchenette and TV as well as a well appointed ensuite - not expensive and just what a busy traveller requires at the end of the day.

Had dinner at the pub - yum. Took a walk after tea towards the shoreline of Port Campbell where a new wall has been built to keep the sea from swallowing the lower township up. Pics tomoz as its a wee bit dark for moi to do. Had a fall - yep - that's my luck again. The walk to the waters edge is pavers and my luck was some sticking up and down I went.  Knocked the wind out of me as I landed on my right hand , knees - more off the right one - and my chest. LOL you say. I am still hurting. The local policeman just happened to be cruising the streets and stopped to see why this lady was laying down on the footpath with a man kneeling next to her - hubby. They helped me up and the very kind police officer offered us a lift back to the accomodation. We thanked him for helping. Hot shower and write up the blog was the agenda but the internet is so slow I may have to send in the morning.
Sunshine & Happiness lyrics
Like a beacon on the ocean, you guide my way
You replace that empty feeling, whats left to say
You just smile in times of darkness, that lights my day
Bringing joy inside of sorrow, on a holiday
Like a flower blooms in spring time, sweet and complete
Making my life worth the living, you set me free
A ray of light you shine so brightly for all to see
In the midst of stormy weather, you cumber sea
You are my sunshine and my happiness (4x)
In the middle of the evening, I'm all alone
Cuz im thinking bout you baby, I'm dying of cold
Searching and im always finding, the joy you bring
Cuz you're patient through the hard time, that makes me
Many times within my weakness, you gave me strength
I give thanks for what you've shown me, you're heaven

Nite all - sweet dreams - I reckon mine will be walking and viewing over and over agian the sights I have taken in today :))) Dee

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