Monday, 25 June 2012

There's a Storm coming

hmmmmmm. Just heard on the news channel that the mountains of NSW are going to experience a storm. DER. The television is already mucking up, so we are getting our candles and torches to the ready. Water in the jugs - yes its electric but I have a gas stove and pans to boil water LOL.. And a large bucket or two of water for the loo cause that also requires water - funny that.

So have had dinner and a nice cuppa and might have to go to bed early, cause as soon as there is any thunder - the electricity will be turned off so as not to blow up all our electricals. That has happened before.

Only last week whilst  we were off enjoying ourselves the power went out due to trees falling on lines and an accident on the main road. Unfortunately that buggered up the fridge/freezer and we came home to a mess. A smelly trully awful mess, meat was soooo off and everything else in fridge disgusting too - luckily for us, garbage day was the following day. So there wasn't anything left to eat other than what we keep in cans, luck has it I have rice milk and that is in long life containers and hubby drinks his tea black :)) Have to make a claim on the insurance - about time I got something back after decades of payments.

These pics above were taken during and after the last been 'storm' we had. A carpet of white made it look like the Snowy Mountians instead of the Blue Mountains.

Going to investigate getting some more stuff for the puta and so I can blog more - you know it's old age - you know - the gigabyte thing. I only have 3 gigs a month and the way I am writing and using the computer I will need to increase it as soon as possible. Maybe I should send hubby to Telstra again as when he went today he got positive results after complaining of the 30 messages from Telstra saying his credit was less by the call, though they promised him a longer usage time. Although I reckon I can rock this little boat all by myself. I said to him, behave yourself and you get good results. LOL.  He came back and the first words to me were - I behaved myself and I got results. He was only gone 25 minutes too :)) So we are hoping in 21 days time we don't get messages all day long about running out of credit - cause I know he will do his block.

Going off so my puta lives to tell another blog tomoz

Nite all - Dee

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