Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day Two - Journey of 'The Travellers'

Well last nights accommodation was interesting. The room was comfortable enough, though it was tired and in need of an update. The door to the bathroom didn't close :( though the water was hot and very welcoming after a day's travel..  Figuring out the tele without the use of some type of written info was a bit of a chore - but we worked it out. Both of us woke up with pins and needles as the bed was very hard. Breakfast was 'continental'. Not quite what you expect as Cornflakes and a Bran flake mix, toast, and two types of juice, tea or coffee was it. Glad we didn't want to sleep in as there was a lot of building works going on with the car yard behind us.  Enough of that though - just constructive critiscm.

We did go for a walk in the park opposite at sunset and saw two sticky beaks in the twilight - possums. Always lovely to see Australia's wildlife up close and in person.

The petrol prices between NSW and over the border at Victoria are annoying. 21 cents difference with the same petrol type! 161..9 per litre in NSW and 140.9 in Victoria!!

After leaving Albury, Chiltern saw our first stop, the Rest Stop is being done up and lots of travellers were using it.  Looks like many of the Rest Stops are being updated :)  There isn't a great deal to see off the Hume Highway (now Expressway) in Victoria without having to go off it to go to the townships. Sad that we have to do that nowadays - miss towns and all they can offer. Stopped for coffee at a service station/eatery - was nice too :) Zipping closer to Melbourne saw us a little confused as there is much roadwork being done into this city. We did find somewhere to purchase some lovely deli foods and continued back onto the main roads to Werribee Point which overlooks Port Philip Bay. We would have gone to the zoo but my mobility stopped that. After travelling my back says no when the head say I wanna go see. Maybe another time.

We travelled on to Anglesea - couldn't work out any motel accommodation here so decided to continue to Airleys Inlet. We pulled in to the Lighthouse Motel to book in. Lord S went in to get us a room and the buzzer went off as he entered the reception area. Hopefully we thought, someone would come serve us ..... not. So I got onto the net and surfed for somewhere to stay in Lorne and found the Grand Pacific Hotel, booked us a room and online. When we got closer to Lorne we stopped off to get a night-time pic - yes it was dark now - not planned - and heard a noise. Wound down the window and the ocean greeted us :)

Pic from Web

We arrived later than we expected but was greeted with lights ablazing the verandahs. The Grand Pacific Hotel Lorne is housed in a fully restored classic building, originally built in 1875.

Back on the road to the hotel and we walked in and received a lovely welcome. The lady who served us in the dining area/bar was very pleasant as was all the staff - thank you ")  Upstairs - two flights - ugg - was a quaint small room - but clean tidy ensuited with a bath - just lovely. Downstairs we enjoyed a nice cold beer with a small meal and started watching Origin footy with some overseas visitors but tired we approached our room where the NSW team is now 16 vs QLD's 10. Lets hope the game is completed safely and NSW achieves their much anticipated win.

After a lovely soak in the bath, this bed seems to be so much more comfy.

No pics of today's journey as the camera is still in the car and this traveller is weary - even more when she thinks of the two and a bit flights of stairs :))

Adiou and Nite to all :)) Dee

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